Arguments = Women

People are so crazy about love marriage and arranged marriage but guys Im telling, ghanta farak padtha hai baad mein—be it arranged are love.

All that you have to do is a boxing match between Mary KOM (Your wife) and Punching Bag (Which is you). All that you can do is stay there & take the punches all the time. You can’t defend, you can’t withdraw and you can’t even get knocked out.

Argument with a women is like, playing chess, where the King only gets one move at a time—which means talking one thing at a time sensibly, but whereas Queen, moves all around the chess board, just like she argues on all irrelevant topics which is nowhere related to the current topic. And women are so powerful in memory, that they even point your mistakes from 1989.

Sometimes I feel, although they know there is no sense in the argument, they just continue to keep being in form ‘warm up’ kind of.

Well, here is a small example—

When you sit at your desk busily working you suddenly get a call, from her asking to book tickets for movie this weekend.

SHE—Baby, are you busy?

HE—Yes!  A little—but tell me, that’s OK.

SHE—That’s OK, you keep that work aside and talk to me for one minute—what? Really? Then why did you even ask me if Im busy when you don’t care about it.

SHE- There is this movie this weekend I want you to book tickets.

HE- Acha Ok! Ill do it sure.

SHE- Pakka right –

HE- yeah sure I’ll do it once I’m done with my work.

SHE- No– you will forget, keep a reminder and do it without fail.

HE- Ok baba, I’ll do it. Don’t worry.

SHE- Don’t bother I’ll send you a WhatsApp message evening to remind you again.


SHE- Why are you getting irritated?

You don’t love me anymore.

I think you have lost interest in me.

You don’t talk to me like before,

You have changed a lot.

I think it’s not working out anymore.


HE- Arey baby, whats wrong with you. I said Ill book the tickets for us. Please don’t get mad at me.


SHE- Forget it Ill book the tickets myself. You continue with your work. Goodbye.


I still don’t understand the concept, if you can book the tickets yourself why didn’t you do it the first instance. Why do we you have bother us & only make us mad at you.

Sometimes you don’t even understand the logic behind a women & what she talks.


She says, — “Baby! I want to buy an iPhone 7.”


“Alright sure, but it was just few months ago, you bought a new phone right”.


“No but iPhone covers are very cute”.  WTF is wrong with you girls; you don’t buy a iPhone 7 just because their covers are so cute.


I remember one of my friends wife, has bought an orange color dog harness even before she got a dog. They haven’t bought a dog until now, because they didn’t get a matching one to it.


And Ill tell you the most irritating word women always use is CUTE- I don’t understand the meaning of it. And let tell you guys, 99.99% of the women loves only 3 things.


  • Children
  • Dogs
  • Children of the dogs


If you suddenly see a child of 2 years in the mall, they immediately start going—“Aw so cute bacha—WTF—All the kids are cute anyway. Even Osama Bill Laden’s kid was cute when he was born.


A street dog, road side, they go, ‘aww so cute dog’. What’s wrong I don’t understand, the dogs look cute to them? They love the dogs more than you.


Well, I also think the actual problem is- women have a lot of expectations on men but men don’t. Men are happy if its just a WOMEN of any kind.


Because women invest a lot of time, learning so many things before marriage, like—cleaning, cooking, stitching, singing, washing, and some of them sex– and once the marriage, they think they have wasted their entire time for THIS guy? They aren’t satisfied at all. Trust me.


Women can never be happy, if you think they can, even Hrithik ROshan’s wife has divorced him & the most handsome guy in the world Brad Pitt’s wife has also divorced him. I mean you can never understand women in your entire life.


Sometimes at mid night when you are tired, you get a call.


“Baby, what are you doing?

You say—“Nothing much, Im just tired and just about to go to bed.”

“Ok! Talk to me for few mins”

“Alright sure, please tell me”

“You tell me”

“What nothing much, we just spoke like an 20 mins ago for more than an hour”

“Ok! So now you got bored talking to me. And the same rebuttals;;


You don’t love me anymore.

I think you have lost interest in me.

You don’t talk to me like before.

You have changed a lot.

I think it’s not working out anymore.


HAHA! Omfg—this is not even when they are out of their minds.

new things in life..

Had a really beautiful nap last night.

I had for the first time brown rice, daal, and crisp roasted chillies. They are really tasty. And after long time, I tried black coffee, Im not a black coffee types but want to make it a habit now.

Have started reading a book since a few days now. It feels really good. Will make some coffee now and watch some YouTube.

Good day all of you!!!

Pre Wedding Videos? WTF

I hate pre wedding photo shoots man. I don’t understand the fucking concept behind it man—this is stupidity== why do we need this?

I mean photo shoots are OK but what about videos, these pre wedding videos are so bad, filled with bad slow motions shots, stupid dancing, terrible acting in cheezy Bollywood outdated songs with some insanely idiotic editing. It is so cringe worthy which cause a mild attack. Sometimes, I had to masturbate myself to get rid of that awkwardness.

The Art Of Living

What one needs to be mastered in his life is ‘PATIENCE’- ‘Patience’ is the art of living. Came across this really beautiful line yesterday.

“The truth waits for eyes unclouded by longing” – Vedas

This year..

This year, it’s all about accomplishing goals. The way forward, I think, is to not look at it as an all or nothing issue. Break it down into smaller ‘goals’, fix what you will do every single day, and then it all comes together.

This year,  more work will need to get done. This year, I’m going to write a lot. That means just staying really focused and not let anything get in the way. Life has come to an important stage now.

I dont understand the concept of ‘National Anthem’

The other day I was reading a post on a 59-year-old assaulted for not standing up during Dangal’s National Anthem scene WTF is this happening in India?

I know the SC has ordered the national anthem to be played before every movie in every cinema hall to promote patriotism and nationalism. But what kind of force feeding is this?

You just can’t measure someone’s nationalism and patriotism towards the country just because he didn’t stand up. I go an Adult movie, and should I still be standing, this is utter bull shit. I still don’t understand or can someone explain how much nationalism and patriotism do we have until now, and after taking up this step how much will it grow?

As far as the survey is concerned almost half of the nation are backward who don’t watch movies, and for most of them movies don’t interest them or may be what about the poor who can’t afford to buy cinema tickets? How do we plan to promote patriotism to them? Or one more thing, if it’s so called patriotism why can’t we just keep the real flag and host in the cinema before every movie? Why can’t the real flag be hosted just before every sporting event where the country is playing?  Sometime I find it so stupid, they insert “Smoking is injurious to health” when the character himself is smoking in the movie, why can’t we put “Bharath Mata Ki Jai or Jai Hind or India is great” throughout the movies?

I also know that, as per the law we cannot host a flag whenever you want other than Republic Day and Independence Day—isn’t there any law on playing national anthem also?

The National Anthem is something which respects the nation, but when I go to movie to enjoy and for peace of mind, why Im I required to pay respect? Im already paying money—or may be down the lane, I might be asked to pay respects in all the hotels before dinner, lunch or every morning before entering the office

With due respect to the court, what the fuck is wrong with you guys? You guys take up inconsequential things so important like, Jalakattu, Nation Anthem, Black Window Shades for the cars- what about the important issues like Salman Khan being a culprit it took 20 years for you to prove that?

How funny it will be to stand up and pay respect to India, when I go to watch Sunny Leone steamy scenes?

Yesterday a 59 year old man didn’t stand up for the National Anthem, assaulted by couple of men—so called “guardians of nationalism” fuck you guys. There have been many such cases I also remember a case in Goa where an award winning disability activist was also beaten up.

Another quick question- what if a foreigner comes to watch an India movie in India? Is he also required to stand up? What if the England Team who lost ODI series in India are going to watch Dangal, are they also required to stand up? Or should an England’s national anthem be played?

Frustrated Indian? Super Pilla**

America was a dream destination a little while go for many India’s for swift money & standard of living. But if you actually know the real facts behind it you wouldn’t name America as a dream destination anymore. In fact lot of intellectual people hate America now.

While some go to studies, some go to work but the ultimate goal is to settle there assuming a beautiful life. But actually chepalante, kukka bathuku akkada. If you actually know the facts, otherwise ask me. Is it really worth it?

Im still amazed despite knowing everything, there are few still backward senseless brainless people, who still fantasy USA. Its just a dollar dream for everyone aspirations.

Recently I’ve come across an Indian girl who posted a video, tearing apart the dreams of all the India. All she said is absolutely true man.

Things which she mentioned in the video—

  1. 9% of the people don’t have any idea why they are going/coming to USA?
  2. They just fantasy because either their friends or family- it will become a prestige issue for them.
  3. You have to forget your self-respect there working jobs like, housekeeping, cleaning and sometimes even babysitting- which you don’t even consider doing it at home.
  4. People only show off that they are in USA but the life is actually miserable.
  5. Expensive rents means congested living, where as in India we need a separate room.
  6. Things which we are ashamed of doing it here at house, are the options which are mandatory for you.

I wish people realize this.

PS: This is not to people who definitely have a goal in their mind, but like I said many people only take that as a prestige issue or get influenced by their friends or family and fantasy going to USA not having an idea WHY?

And few lucky girls not to mention—if nothing works out—Student Visa/ H1B work visa LOL!! —just get married to a guy who’s working his ass off in USA, who first of all have no idea why and what he is doing there but only to impress a girl for marriage Of course it’s their weakness (Abbai USA la work chestundu- HAHAHA- WOW- GREAT- AMAZING) – Now, I’m just curious to see what happens to all those dreams of people who totally are in the same boat—Okasari india ki stamping oste telustadi? Endi paristhiti—Namo Venkatesha? Trump anna namasthe LOL!! ROFL!!

Would you believe there are still few cases happening LOL ROFL!

Will money make life complete?

The other day my friend bought a luxurious car probably the first of its kind in Hyderabad. He asked me to come for a drive for a 15 minute, I said OK!

We went on a drive which was supposed to be for 15 mins but turned out to be more than 35 minutes. I had to leave, I told my friend that I got to go, I’m happy he bought a car so expensive and the car is so good and it must be making him feel so happy in his life. Then he started crying—I was surprised or may be shocked.

Who in the planet at this moment, instead of enjoying the luxury of the car starts crying? Are you guys thinking that it’s because of happiness? Nope. No- he was sad. And I know that— how? Well, here is the quick fact. If the tears are cold then it’s because of JOY,  and if the tears of warm then it’s because of pain and anguish. Try it out sometime..

But I wanted to know what’s the reason of  him being sad despite having lots of money, in a very good position in life? He said, his wife filed divorce just three days before.  So, all the money in his life, fancy car, superior riches, influential people can’t make him happy that moment. He only said one word, he could buy a car but he couldn’t take his wife for a drive. Of course he loved his wife, his children love her as well.

With all the achievements in life, first class business, incredible amount of money, very good influence and affluence & with all of that he had he is not happy. No hope!!

So, I say, if you truly want to know how rich you are, therefore count all the things which money CANNOT buy.







Acceptance- wealth is a very broad term—

Money is just a part of wealth. Of course we all need but the whole secret of being happy is to realize the fact that it’s just a part of wealth.

Just a couple of years ago, I had a friend who is married and his wife was expecting his 2nd child. But unfortunately he was later diagnosed with maloney cancer. He was a very good man, although he didn’t had too much money, riches, expensive cars, plush villas but I was astounded when I went to see him that I noticed there were around 450 people standing right outside the hospital. I was shocked to see everyone are chanting the names of the god for him recover which is scientifically impossible. What I saw here was the man who didn’t have a rich expensive car but yet there are people gathered him to support. There were people who would support him financially, people who are there to medically support him, people who are there to spiritually support him, and people who are there to mentally and emotionally support him. I was amazed at the kind of support a man who is nobody to anybody had.

Then I realized, when you were born people will love you and when you die people will love, in between you have to manage. At this man, managed so well, that he invested time on people and relationships rather than materialistic things. It is important for us to have support, wealth doesn’t means money. Wealth means money plus people.

Do you guys know the difference between COMPLETE AND FINISHED? The synonyms are almost same but there is a difference.

When you find the right partner you are COMPLETE, and when you find a wrong partner you are FINISHED. And when you find the RIGHT ONE in the WRONG POSITION & you are COMPLETELY FINISHED hahah

We need friends, we need family, office colleagues, neighbors, good people and bad people but most importantly you need support. If you want to know how important you are just drop a tear and wait to see how many people will genuinely come to catch it.

Some people follow the concept of ICE CREAM in life i.e.– enjoy before it melts. But there is the concept of candle, which we tend to forget that, give light before it melts. Theoretically speaking, we can survive without ice cream but not without light.

Always remember, you don’t become happy if you become rich, you become happy if you know to adjust without money. The more and more richer you become only the COST of happiness increases. You all must have gone thru’ this phase, at the time of your school, your cycle was the dream, and then bike, and then car and now if you can own a Lamborghini, the amount of happiness will be the same but only the cost has increased. If you earn 10K PM you buy a 500 T Shirt, but now if you are earning 1 lakh PM,  you spend around 1500 for one t shirt—see, only the cost has increased.

I want to become a candle, will you?

Way of life..

Like they say- Life is about attachments, but for me I feel life is not about attachments. You have to live your life, like the way you want. It’s about picking up the things which are good for you and leaving behind what you don’t like & need. It’s like learning from the lessons from the past and having to improve your standard of living. Like our cellphones and computers, our heart and mind has limited space in it—store what is required and delete what is unnecessary.

We unnecessarily get attached to so many things in life and in the due course we forget to live in the present and be happy. I like to sum of few unnecessary things (FOR ME) which aren’t to be bothered in life. We always give importance to things which are superficial and which can be bought by money. We glue ourselves to useless people and feel depressed. I have ready in one article—as per monks, what they say is- a large happiness comes with fewer attachments. The more the layers, the less the peace of mind. As you travel in life, remember to let go what burdens you.

I like to sum of few unnecessary things (FOR ME) which aren’t to be bothered in life.


People are going to have an opinion on you anyway. So don’t waste your time on their opinion. Its good if you take a suggestion or an advice but don’t waste time on bothering about it.


These platforms are useless which only makes you compare how your friend is more happier than you. If you don’t want to compare your life with anyone or don’t want to get jealous of your ex posting pictures with, get out of social media immediately.  Trust me, we survived without it all this while, so we can live without it too.


Sex is just a need of a human body. Of course, human body needs have to be met but that’s not a soul connection. I always feel there are other things which you could do instead like having a pizza. Either way, your time is more previous than having it with a wrong person who is not good in bed.


Time and tide waits for none. So whatever it is, time just don’t wait for you. So stop counting the time and live the moment. Live by counting your memories not the minutes.


There is a saying—“Whats done is done”. So there is no point in holding on to it. Delete it away, before it makes things worse.


You think its good and beautiful but once they are out everywhere you lose their value. I mean giving importance to things, once you start seeing it everywhere you suddenly want to get rid of it.


Taking decision – if you are so  afraid to take a decision, it will get you nowhere. If you want to do something just do it that’s all. It will keep you shackled for some time, but at least you won’t regret not doing it.


It is so called “PAST” because there is a reason. Brining your past in your present and future will take you nowhere. All that past can teach is you a lesson but it cant stop you from taking decisiona or being happy in the present or future.


I know it’s a pleasure but I would rather consider reading a newspaper or an article or a blog than spending while night playing Candy Crush. Video games or television makes you lazy.


If you are using anything and everything in your daily life out of technology then there is no need of human brains. So avoid technology as much as possible.


It’s over, you can’t do anything now. So stop bothering about and wasting your time and energy. Let it go- you have done wrong, you apologized and leave it.


Stop dreaming and make it possible. When you can dream you can make it possible too.


I call bad friends as drugs. A bad friend is as dangerous as a drug, so stop getting addicted to them.


They have given you birth and you go make it possible. If you don’t earn to learn your own money, just stop living. If they give you 5000 you have to be in a position to make it into 50000- the joy if life will come from making it yourself rather than depending on someone.


Stop waiting for an approval from society. You know, all the great inventions in the history are the things which were not approved by the society then. Those who withstand the pressure are those who can stay for long.


Stop being connected with bad people be it friend or family. You know who they are, so just avoid. They are the one who will always leave you with a bad remark. They are very good usually in front of you once you turn your back they spit on you. So, avoid them.


Stop living in doubt- Do research and start implementing.


Comparison will only make you feel bad. You can’t compare oranges to lemons to apples. You have your own way of living so set your own standards.


I know some people are starve themselves to look young and lean. Total waste- Workout for living healthy life but eat what you like. Don’t give importance for others feelings what they say how you look? Life is not only about green salad from Subway, it also about friend chicken from KFC too.


Stop using filters of your life just like you use filters to look beautiful in photographs. Show what you have and what you can do. Stop being fake.


If there is a closed behind you, there is no need to look back. If there is no option, then stop worrying about it.