Its Ok to be OKAY

Apparently it happens to many of us.

We randomly meet someone, we form a good connection, they turn our best friends in very quick time or sometimes may be more than that, and suddenly all things are messed up in life. The entire world seems to be upside down when you feel they are NOT SEPERATEBLE from your life but, here comes the twist, one day will come, that you no long care for them at the same place.

Well, the reality is- the quicker the connection develops, the quicker you move on. The whole past seems to be totally messed up you would want to concentrate in a while new direction.

The dear friend don’t seem dear anymore—you won’t have same feelings for the same person anymore. It might be hard as you think but without any specific reason or may be boredom, you tend to change your personality which differs from you earlier. Well, the concept is simple- you just outgrow few people from your life when you think they aren’t important anymore.

Just like a body, our feelings and emotions on every person grow day by day- the more you get attached to one person the more you get dependent on them blindly. And like stupid people say “have no expectations” but that’s wrong. The more you love people the more you expect from them, that’s the fact actually. The more you love someone, you need them to take care of you from the scratch and you tend to react to smallest of all the issues easily because that’s how you are depended on them. Anyone says, NEVER HAVE EXPECTATIONS ON ANYONE, is actually wrong. You would expect your partner to take care of you, when YOU LOVE THEM MORE, because you will be willing to do anything and everything for them and you expect the same. For E.G you love your boyfriend, you expect your boyfriend to remember even your dogs’s B’day?? Isn’t it??

To find a right person is not finding a RIGHT PERSON instead finding a PERSON who can be RIGHT for you. There is more value for handmade things than readymade stuff outside, which people don’t tend to realize. And this is where some people, outgrow, and distant from relationships, and hence divorce and breakups. Of course not every relation is meant to be forever, but as long as it does, whey ruin it.

There are stages in life—

First you expect a good friend, and from a good friend you expect a boyfriend, from a boyfriend you expect a husband & once the husband’s made and ready, you again want him to be your good friend???  WTF???

GOOD FRIEND => BOYFRIEND => HUSBAND => GOOD FRIEND?? These are the stages of life for every MAN. Your crush becomes your boyfriend, your boyfriend becomes husband and once the husband starts taking care of you, and feeling your responsibility then comes the ICE BREAKER = PERSONAL SPACE.

In fact for men not only the feelings has to be changed from time to time but we also need to get adjusted on emotions and equations as well. Because the more and more requirements you fulfil the more and more demands will be demanded.

When you’re not the same person, as time changes, how can you be with the same people, all the time? 

Regrets are good for life..

Im sure most of you by this time in your lives might have asked this question?? “Why did I do this?”

Well, lying on the bed every night we might think, if we hadn’t made a decision that day which we made. On a holiday, did we ever encounter a friend whose life was very good because of some right decisions in life? Or simply comparing with friends about your life, career and goals? Didn’t we regret anything anytime?

Apparently, REGRET seems to be a complicated word for every one of us. Our life has been loaded with too much of past and memories which haunt every day. Be it good or bad, some forgotten and some of them still we cherish. But then, we just cant run away from it. Either we might have learnt something from it, or might have been enjoying the fruits of it right now. We all have to accept our life hasn’t been same right now from the past and things aren’t the same anymore just like we thought.

Career, love, relationships or friends—life is not about perfections but it just goes through very rarely as planned, more often than not, just as you least expected—it is called DECISION MAKING.

Be it YES or NO—or somewhere we might have taken some harsh decision which changed our lives right now and our life isn’t the same just because of that decision. Well, later or not we might regret most of them. Isn’t it? Be it your breaking up with your ex- girlfriend – shouldn’t have loved the girl you have actually did. Shouldn’t have broken up with that girl whom you thought she wasn’t good for your life. Leaving your previous job, just because it didn’t pay you that much as you expected. Or making harsh decisions with family —the one friend you took it for granted and since then they started ignoring you and let you go.  There might be something which left you alone and you shouldn’t have done it.

There is a saying in English—life is all about decisions—be it right or wrong, good or bad, it’s just the SUM of all.

Few leave you with happiness and few you regret.

For me, you can’t take a right decision if you haven’t crossed the wrong one. Things won’t happen as you think and want every in life. There are few people who stay with you and most of them who don’t, take chances. Change is an essence of life, you just have to experience it. Love vs heartbreak/ friends vs enemies/ pleasure vs pain/ happiness vs sorrow everything is a part of a decision which you have made in life earlier. Some give you experiences and some give you lessons to learn from it and move on.

Nobody can lead a life without regrets. For me, having regrets in life is very important. One great personality from my previous company Mr. Venkat Yerubandi once told me, “Make mistakes in life which gives you an opportunity to learn. Which teaches you what is good  and bad, but only if you choose you choose to follow your heart.


Turning 30/ Still Single..

In another few months I’m turning 29 and next year I would turn 30.

Amidst of all the nuisances which are going in my life, I’m just taking some time to think what all have crossed in my 30 years of life. More, importantly, what all I have achieved and how much time I have wasted so far, without doing nothing. What all I could have done to become more successful, so much money I’ve spent on unnecessary things?

And all I wanted to do was achieve my TODOTHINGS before 30 but it’s too late.

I might have right now earning certain amount of salary, been to couple of countries for a vacation, buy a car, buy a property and a house and has some investments for myself but certainly I could have still done more, both personally and professional I mean basically I’d been settled right now—well, so turning 30 very soon, gets me sick.

Of course, it is not the end of the world, but yet some things are gone they won’t come back most importantly TIME.

Well, we all plans our lives to live with of full of dreams and desires. Starting from school, we wanted to become something, and then in college we realize that’s not working out and change our decision and post college, we land in some job where we tend to compromise and then start to be happy with whatever we have—well, as far as I’ve considered, I’ve set a small goals, I mean small time goals for myself (5 year plan) 20-25/25-30 and I’ve achieved most of it though.

But sometimes it doesn’t always turn out to be same as you wanted, right??? What happens to us when we get older and older, we tend to forgo few things and then try to compromise or adjust in life. Just accept the failure and live with it. But sometimes we just tend to compare ourselves with others and still tend to get more disappointed. Just because we didn’t end up buying  a luxury car, or don’t have enough bank balance or just because we didn’t become rich like our friends, we think we have become less successful.

Apparently, we have to realize everyone has different paths and everyone are meant for different journey. Not everyone wants to live like us.  The honest fact is sometimes someone’s journey is long and someones journey is shorter but at the end everyone has to reach their destiny. The only question is, how many of you really have everything you want by 30?

As far as professionally concerned, I’m sure most of them decide their future, I mean at least have an idea so that is DONE.

Coming to love life, some of them are already married and some of them have kids already but some of them at 30 are still SINGLE.

Life is just a journey not a destination—you have to enjoy the journey maximum, some journeys are short and some of them are longer, but make the most of it.


Have you seen a wolf hunting alone in the forest? Anytime?

Well, wolfs are always in pack—they hunt, they live, they survive always together. They never leave their team. Well, that is the law of Jungle is. Wolves are all united, but, have you seen a Lion (King of the Jungle) in pride? They don’t survive in pride but they learn to be themselves all alone. They hunt, they survive, they live and they spend most of the time all alone. That is why it is called King of the Jungle.

Well, MAN is a social animal. The law of MAN is that he cannot survive alone. From his birth to death, he is always accompanied by his family or friends. Just like wolves, humans are same. We cannot live alone, survive alone, grow alone. He is always in hunt for companions who will never leave him till death.

BUT— PS: There are still few human beings who would like to live life like a LION. Who are better off being alone than with unnecessary people.

Those are the set of people who in course of life, understand and realize that they don’t need anyone to grow up or become successful, they don’t depend on anyone and reply on anyone- SOMENE LIKE ME!!!!! 😉 Tada!!

Well, human emotions are one of the most craziest ones in any survival beings. One side, he needs everyone, and when he has everyone, he needs no one. It’s a constant play between, whom he needs and whom he wants. The one he needs don’t want him and the one he wants don’t need him.

Apparently we promise to be with few people like, family, wife and friends for life long but it doesn’t take a minute for us to break the promise and walk out of someone’s life. Irony, isn’t it??? That’s life we have to live with it.  Our feelings for everyone keep changing every minute, every second and it’s not same with everyone. There will be love, there will be hatred, there will be good friends there also will be enemies, there will he happiness, sorrow, depression and not to forget heartbreaks. Of course, loved ones are very important but the one who hurts us more are the those whom we keep much expectations on.

It is also about how much importance we give to the other person in life? More than ourselves or little more than everyone else? Let’s take it this way, we need family until we grow but we also learn to make decisions on our own. We needs friends who will support us but we need some space not to interfere in anyone’s life. We need peace of mind and emotional support when we are down but the same time we are still in doubt, who will help us to grow and grow with us? Whom do we trust?

While, all other than this, the major interest lies with our LOVE life. The ones who want to love us and the ones whom we love? The one who keeps no secrets from us, the ones whom we want to keep secrets from. The one who want to share their lives with us and the ones who we leave when they come for us. Some of them so important in life, we cannot imagine life without, yet, the fact there will be some point we have to live without. Be it parents, family, friends everyone has to leave at some point- that is the fact. While, you all think death inevitable, there is also called Artificial Death, where people live but they don’t exist for us. This is also inevitable. At some point this all happens with us.

Honestly, speaking from my perspective we cannot also expect everyone to say with us forever. We cannot be that selfish, to accept the fact. It is unfair. You like it or not, its better to leave few people behind and move on without them. All good things come to an end and we have to accept the fact and move on with it. Well, if you don’t, the longer you stay, the longer they depend on you and cannot live independently. When life gives you new bonds it is difficult to hold on when you are not in that capacity. STRONG BONDS DON’T LAST LONG.

You love your parents, but it is unavoidable that you have to live without them at some point. You love your friends, but once they get married they have their own lives to take care. You love your sister, but after her marriage, she is no more your family member.

As far as the life partners are concerned, it is not always a cake walk—most of the marriages are either compromise or adjustment but when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. All that you can do it MAKE IT WORK or SUCK AT IT. Some people cross that barrier while for some it may not. Some succeed, some don’t.

There is this saying, “THE LESS YOU EXPECT FROM PEOPLE THE MORE HAPPY YOU BE”. I mean of course I’m not asking to stay everyone independently without marriage without friends, but trying to be as you are, in your own terms is important. The term might sound disgusting, but it doesn’t seem like it when you actually follow. You can’t expect to stay with you in all your tough times, you have to start making things on your own and be on your own, fall on your own and stand up on your own.

We are often confused from selecting people whom to trust, but there is more happiness in trusting yourself and being in your own company than look for someone for mental, emotional and physical support.

You come alone, you go alone—why this nuisances in life?? Why is that we always seek happiness from someone else??? To a certain extent is OK but you can’t make that a habit. Start making decisions on your own, rather than compromising for your parents, or friends or society. Look for support where you can grow in life, but don’t get influenced from bad company.

Don’t expect your best friend to be there with you always.

Don’t expect that parents will always support you.

Don’t expect to get married to your dream girl or a boy.

Don’t compromise in life or get influenced by the society.

Be like a LION, hunt when you need and go back to your den.

Pyaar Mein Junoon Hai Par Dosti Mein Sukoon Hai Yaar..

Seriously guys I’m I the only who is sick and tired of these faltu,  forced romantic, stupid, irritating, unreal romantic movies in Bollywood?

Making 100’s of crores is just only their target naming a movie as Romantic Comedy of course that how’s the industry is running however, when are we getting out of that notion still. There are lot of other genres which we aren’t exploring anymore.

I mean after “Dil Chata Hai” when was last time we saw a movie, just relating to true male friendship?

If you carefully observe the pattern, its either sex comedies or bio pic’s of romantic masala’s films which are becoming a hit. And public we don’t have an option other than to watch. We are not even making a true real romantic film but adding commercial elements like love triangle, crime drama or horror suspense but at the end relating to love.

In every movie you see, movies like, Sultan, Raees or Bhag Milkha Bhag or Neerja or Kahani 2, or Dhoni, Airlift, there is some or the other way, love is inserted and woven carefully. However pointless it may be, but just add it that’s all. I mean the makers have to understand this that we are obsessed with films however we are tired as well. And as per the future projects of any actor, I don’t even see a friendship oriented movie anytime sooner.

Did you guys forget, Sholay- DIl Chata Hai, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai- In two years I haven’t seen a movie which gives importance to friendship. I mean recently I came across a line from Karan Johar movie “pyaar mein junoon hai par dosti mein sukoon hai”—its true guys.

For many years the industry has been survived on some iconic movies like, Sholay, Dil Chata Hai which changed the entire notion of making films all the way. Ever since I saw DCH movie, the movie gave whole new meaning to friendship. The emotions the characters, their respective towards each other’s, their conflicts, their ego’s OMG literally mind blowing. Even now I see the movie once in a month, in fact there is a lot to learn from it as well. For everyone for us.

Of course, we have seen films like, Dostana, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani but they couldn’t create much impact as it was again FAMALE centric. Its not about the friendship but the movie struggle was about their own individual careers and goals.  I mean friendship is dying guys, we need to bring it back together again.

From where did we come? Grew up from school, and then college and then office and then we are so fast forwarded in life, that our childhood we had the deepest secrets that only our true friends are aware. As we grow, we grew distance in each other’s life.

No matter how attached we are with our parents, family and neighbors, our life isn’t complete with friends. They are the ones we turned who we are today. They are the ones who blame for our success and failure in life. We get to learn life from them.  No matter how busy we get in making money, we always take some time out for them to cherish our memories with them.

In the era of people following everything and anything which is shown in movies, I mean moies are the only medium to promote anything, I would have requested Akshay Kumar who made a stupid movie on DOG and making a movie on female sanitary pads, he could have made a movie on friendship which is much needed.

Well, I really feel, ek sham, ek movie, dosti ke naam please.

Love Doesnt Come With Warranty Forever..

And that’s how perfect love is—

I met her in the bar. She was cute,  charismatic and confident and her aggressive nature instantly turned me on. And like few friendships turn into something more, our holding hands, staring into eyes, hours and hour of phones calls turned into something more.

Love was in the air and water too for us. We were just under impression we were made for each other.

But soon, unlike in movies, our love story didn’t have a happy ending. “beware, all the love stories don’t have a filmy ending and need not be”.

Soon, our conversation turned into arguments, and late night conversations and text messages turned into disturbance, our views turned into egoistic and our self-respect turned into attitude. There wasn’t any scope of individual freedom but all it looked was disappointed on taking the decision very soon. Suddenly our love wasn’t enough for the time, and it turned blue. We couldn’t understand what to do and in no time, we parted ways. That it. End of love story and we both moved away.

But here I don’t understand the amount of love if you gauge that in a scale is same on the day 1 and day 10 but amount of expectations increased and that’s when you feel bored and differentiated. In a nut shell, the love was true but it didn’t last forever.

I’m being honest here, to admit it and I’m sure many of you might have also faced the same situation and have gone through the same phase of life, for which some name it, infatuation and someone name it a MISTAKE IN LIFE due to immaturity.

So, what is true love? And if it doesn’t last for life long, isn’t that true?

Well, love is just about honestly and respecting each other individual views. But the villain here is time, in the due course, we get interested in fantasy than in reality. I mean most of them either get inspired by their friends relationships and some of them through those sick Bollywood movies. The fact is that there is a certain amount of pressure in every relation in due course of time- a pressure either called as “WORKING OUT” phase. We are all supposed to be different as god created that way, and no two people can live happily together just because we love each other, trust me it’s true. Holding hands in sunset will fade away in certain time, and the day after it will be totally nightmare. The promise which we made not to leave each other will become a promise which we tend to break. Trust me. Unfortunately that is life and that is the reality of life. We have to deal with it.

REAL LOVE isn’t REAL all the time. Sometimes you might have to fake.

Hence, love is not a product which comes with warranty for life time. It isn’t a promise which can be fulfilled for lifetime but still, it is LOVE though.

Well, you can now ask me why do we end up breaking up when we started the journey together?

Well, our lives have been filled with different set of  goals, responsibilities and views about each other’s career and future. Each one has a purpose to be fulfilled in their due time limit before they die and in some cases the amount of pressure to fulfil those dreams in due course will become beyond handling capacity of one individual. So then you realise you are lucky to have a supporting partner to understand you and then support you and for someone like who are unlucky like me break the ice. Well, that doesn’t mean the love wasn’t real or intense or true it’s just that we have fulfilled the requirement for that time in each other’s life.   Someone has come into your life to fulfil a requirement and then their time is over, they move away.

We don’t have to be go beyond the limits of our life to make our relationships work forever, once you accepted the truth that it works that way, then for love too it has a expiry date. The lesser the expectations from love, the more happy you be.

Just is just an emotion- some love dogs, some love people, some love chocolates and some love ice creams, but if you lock the guy who loves chocolates in a room for a day, he comes back with a hatred towards chocolate the next day. Well, why? Weather it is romantic or unromantic relationship towards anything, there is always a handling capacity. Love is futile when it doesn’t have a purpose. Because no matter how hard you try you cannot make a horse drink the water. Instead of focusing on the positives, we just have to enjoy the negatives that is when the bond will last forever.

As per my research and even the history is concerned, there is not much any human being can do to make love last forever. You just have to take what it comes, and when rules come into picture you just have to accept. Its not our fault or the love, it just that love doesn’t imply to those people over certain period of time. But while you are still drowning in the ocean, you cannot let your partner die with you, you see. Just like a saying , falling in love is easy but surviving in it is difficult.

In life, everything is not meant to be understood and explained it just comes with the flow.

So, to conclude- if love doesn’t last forever, that’s OK it is still love. Yes, love can last for lifetime***** (You know what it means terms and conditions apply) –

Feel the love, experience it but don’t expect it to last forever. If it doesn’t last forever, then it will be a memory to cherish in future.

Stop worrying about sunset today night and wait for sunrise tomorrow morning.

Arguments = Women

People are so crazy about love marriage and arranged marriage but guys Im telling, ghanta farak padtha hai baad mein—be it arranged are love.

All that you have to do is a boxing match between Mary KOM (Your wife) and Punching Bag (Which is you). All that you can do is stay there & take the punches all the time. You can’t defend, you can’t withdraw and you can’t even get knocked out.

Argument with a women is like, playing chess, where the King only gets one move at a time—which means talking one thing at a time sensibly, but whereas Queen, moves all around the chess board, just like she argues on all irrelevant topics which is nowhere related to the current topic. And women are so powerful in memory, that they even point your mistakes from 1989.

Sometimes I feel, although they know there is no sense in the argument, they just continue to keep being in form ‘warm up’ kind of.

Well, here is a small example—

When you sit at your desk busily working you suddenly get a call, from her asking to book tickets for movie this weekend.

SHE—Baby, are you busy?

HE—Yes!  A little—but tell me, that’s OK.

SHE—That’s OK, you keep that work aside and talk to me for one minute—what? Really? Then why did you even ask me if Im busy when you don’t care about it.

SHE- There is this movie this weekend I want you to book tickets.

HE- Acha Ok! Ill do it sure.

SHE- Pakka right –

HE- yeah sure I’ll do it once I’m done with my work.

SHE- No– you will forget, keep a reminder and do it without fail.

HE- Ok baba, I’ll do it. Don’t worry.

SHE- Don’t bother I’ll send you a WhatsApp message evening to remind you again.


SHE- Why are you getting irritated?

You don’t love me anymore.

I think you have lost interest in me.

You don’t talk to me like before,

You have changed a lot.

I think it’s not working out anymore.


HE- Arey baby, whats wrong with you. I said Ill book the tickets for us. Please don’t get mad at me.


SHE- Forget it Ill book the tickets myself. You continue with your work. Goodbye.


I still don’t understand the concept, if you can book the tickets yourself why didn’t you do it the first instance. Why do we you have bother us & only make us mad at you.

Sometimes you don’t even understand the logic behind a women & what she talks.


She says, — “Baby! I want to buy an iPhone 7.”


“Alright sure, but it was just few months ago, you bought a new phone right”.


“No but iPhone covers are very cute”.  WTF is wrong with you girls; you don’t buy a iPhone 7 just because their covers are so cute.


I remember one of my friends wife, has bought an orange color dog harness even before she got a dog. They haven’t bought a dog until now, because they didn’t get a matching one to it.


And Ill tell you the most irritating word women always use is CUTE- I don’t understand the meaning of it. And let tell you guys, 99.99% of the women loves only 3 things.


  • Children
  • Dogs
  • Children of the dogs


If you suddenly see a child of 2 years in the mall, they immediately start going—“Aw so cute bacha—WTF—All the kids are cute anyway. Even Osama Bill Laden’s kid was cute when he was born.


A street dog, road side, they go, ‘aww so cute dog’. What’s wrong I don’t understand, the dogs look cute to them? They love the dogs more than you.


Well, I also think the actual problem is- women have a lot of expectations on men but men don’t. Men are happy if its just a WOMEN of any kind.


Because women invest a lot of time, learning so many things before marriage, like—cleaning, cooking, stitching, singing, washing, and some of them sex– and once the marriage, they think they have wasted their entire time for THIS guy? They aren’t satisfied at all. Trust me.


Women can never be happy, if you think they can, even Hrithik ROshan’s wife has divorced him & the most handsome guy in the world Brad Pitt’s wife has also divorced him. I mean you can never understand women in your entire life.


Sometimes at mid night when you are tired, you get a call.


“Baby, what are you doing?

You say—“Nothing much, Im just tired and just about to go to bed.”

“Ok! Talk to me for few mins”

“Alright sure, please tell me”

“You tell me”

“What nothing much, we just spoke like an 20 mins ago for more than an hour”

“Ok! So now you got bored talking to me. And the same rebuttals;;


You don’t love me anymore.

I think you have lost interest in me.

You don’t talk to me like before.

You have changed a lot.

I think it’s not working out anymore.


HAHA! Omfg—this is not even when they are out of their minds.

new things in life..

Had a really beautiful nap last night.

I had for the first time brown rice, daal, and crisp roasted chillies. They are really tasty. And after long time, I tried black coffee, Im not a black coffee types but want to make it a habit now.

Have started reading a book since a few days now. It feels really good. Will make some coffee now and watch some YouTube.

Good day all of you!!!

Pre Wedding Videos? WTF

I hate pre wedding photo shoots man. I don’t understand the fucking concept behind it man—this is stupidity== why do we need this?

I mean photo shoots are OK but what about videos, these pre wedding videos are so bad, filled with bad slow motions shots, stupid dancing, terrible acting in cheezy Bollywood outdated songs with some insanely idiotic editing. It is so cringe worthy which cause a mild attack. Sometimes, I had to masturbate myself to get rid of that awkwardness.