Don’t Breathe

Don’t breathe – definitely it doesn’t let you breath for the entire movie. Apt title!

Well, what an excellent movie. No hungama, not posh locations, no huge star cast. Shot entirely in a single apartment with a minimum characters.

Well, the movie is about a blind man defending his property against three intruders. Fighting to save his wealth from three greedy young kids and becomes successful in doing so.

Basically the movie teaches everyone a lesson that, if you are powerful in your way, and have set you boundaries to defend what you have, then no disability or anything in the whole planet will steal that away from you.


Definitely a worth watch!

Why Do Girls Need Unknown Freedom?

Most of the newly married couple these days either wants to get separates from parents & if you ask the most primary reason to the MEN they say it’s because the girl/wife.  Actually this is coming out from my exp because- It’s time for me to get married and most of the girls I talk prefer to stay independent away from IN LAWS—Pstt!

It’s pretty obvious that if they want to settle down in countries abroad because of fashionable life, high speed life, status and growth. I feel this is literally bullshit—don’t you think all this can be done staying here in the city with your families? And one more thing most importantly is I don’t see any reason why they don’t want to stay with their in laws, of course its not necessary that everyone are doing but the modern age I see 80% of the newly married couple prefer to live away from parents. And most obvious reason is adaptation of western culture—

In India and as per our Indian traditions & culture parents are considered as the most important member of family. They are wise, experienced & head of the family-they have taken care of this until this while & don’t you guys think at their old age, we should take care of them.

I seriously feel those you want to live away from family & settle abroad either are not taking their responsibilities seriously or they want to have some kind of unknown freedom which doesn’t may any sense to me. What’s the whole life, when you don’t have your closed ones with you.

Its just simply we are adapting stupid western culture.

The Old Is New Again

The people who will help you when you are low & the people who will support you when the life is turning upside down may not always be the same but some people back out their existence from helping you when you are down prove their relevance in your life for them.

There are always new friends who make way, like they say- plenty of fish in the sea. Of course only when you forget and move on..

Uncertainty of life – Confused between I LOVE YOU & I WANT YOU

I could never say “I love you” to anyone without stuttering. In fact, I haven’t done this at all in my life. Instead of “I Love you” my heart always says “I want you” in one go.

I don’t understand still the difference between “I LOVE YOU” & “I WANT YOU”, isn’t it the same? Its only when you love a person you want them for lifetime, isn’t it?

There were never words to describe how I feel for few people in life but in the beginning I always felt a relationship is fair enough when two people are together, but later I realized being together is as important as being fond for each other. It took years for me to define “WANT” and “LOVE” between people.

A relation which I thought of one day finally came to a point “Let’s not ruin this”. Though it became apparent that two people can’t be together, but I still don’t understand why two people can’t be together, if it wasn’t for love. It’s just a person you need to rely on, right? I never expected to be totally be ‘undefined’ on the relation.

So, there left a situation where it just can’t be hooked together.

But once again, in my life I have learnt a valuable lesson. It’s an era of chatting, Facebook friends, fake marriages, fake promises it’s just a time where I was molded to the best of situations myself. In the overuse, I understand the lost the weight once I had, but well known fact to myself.

Words are just tricky to fall for one person, but those tricky words to very difficult to overcome when haunting you through bad memories. Well, forget that people might have let you down again, but a few lines of togetherness would cushion the relation.

The problem with the words is they are easy to said than done. The most beautiful lines were only written in the history but not done. If the words don’t accompany with actions, they begin to lose their meaning. Life can’t be depended on words alone. Women specially make a relation & then hung up saying ‘Sorry’ well, this bloody sorry has hidden meanings that we tend to ignore but as MEN that is just not needed.

If it’s getting too confusing, here is my simple analysis- If everything you do, don’t mean anything you say, then what’s the point?

Love presents in simply things like being there when they promised they will, offering help to become perfect and remembering minute details to joy up the life. Burrow it all, throwing words, pointing out mistakes is just physically & mentally so stressful. If this is not happening, then this is not the person for you.

Words shouldn’t be uttered if they meant to be broken—we always deserve to be a with a person who will be there when they said they will and can fulfill the promises they made, without much force or any effort.

At the beginning of course those sweets texts, WhatsApp conversations, cute emails and emotional phone calls are important but as the relationship progresses all this become routine and there is something beyond you expect.

Again, in life you just need someone to rely on. 

2016 The Year Of Uncertainty

2016 has been a very tough year.

This year had moments which took my breath away which have been rippled through my heart and soul while, it also has lot of moments on anguish and questions. Well, to be honest mostly pertaining to relationships. Of course to the job as well!

The year has been lost to find the direction in life. However, the only question still stuck in my mind is “Why me?”

I’m really interested to know, why do; I have to go through what I’m going through? This isn’t kind of complaint of that sort but yes no one seem to be listening actually.

I would like to go somewhere, may be on top of the world’s top most building, a room covered with thick and strong fiber-glass, the corner of the room filled with water, and if I stood outside the room of the pent house, I’d see the world with poisonous people around.

Right in front of me, it rains, it shines, and the rain, the sun & the moon have to first take an approval from me before they meet the land. I want to get over before I can understand what’s going on. It so feels like fiction. I don’t understand why I’m suddenly feeling so sober?

I have never liked to be alone in my life, but now…

I never liked staying alone at home on weekends, but now…

I never liked watching YouTube videos, but now…

I never liked reading books, but now…

I never liked growing beard, but now…

I never liked vegetarian food, but now…

I never liked old movies, but now…

I used to have a real excitement for movies & music, but now…

I used to have an excellent judgment on anything, but now it’s only tough to take the call. It feels like my hands have become calloused.

I can only confront this way, the night will pass, and the morning is yet to come.

Sick Days I Hate!

What the fuck is Friendship Day all about?

All these bloody days are useless and nonsensical days which are used by pure business man to mint money from sales of greeting cards, phone calls and SMS. Why are we Indian’s so fancy about these bloody useless dates?

Friendship Day, Lovers Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day- NO! We don’t need a day to show mother we love? We don’t need a specific day to show father we respect? We don’t need a day to show friends how much we care? All this policy is followed and originated from western countries, because they live away from their families and friends.

And last Sunday being Friendship Day I got couple of messages from my friends wishing me, well, should we really need to calls our friends to show and recall how important are on these sick days?

Somehow I feel embarrassed and uncomfortable about these dates. Slowly, I feel, we should also have- Happy Masturbating Day–  Grrr!

The Confusion Lies Within..

LIFE—I think the only word which has more meanings than any other in English language. Some say it’s a cycle, life is a song, life is a game, life is a challenge, life is a highway, or like I say life is a bitch—whatever—so many expressions.

You feel so differently every moment and every second about life but no one can understand the actual. Well, we are the ones who know ourselves better than anyone, we are the one who think about our mood so we have a tendency to think something good all the time about us.

You know, our minds behave exactly the way we want it to be based on the situations. Sometimes, when you are in PAIN life sucks and when you are happy life seems to be beautiful. So as per the equation- everything depends on the input what we give in life.

But mostly—I feel sudden risks in life which makes you feel this way—sudden risk in life are—LOVE AND MARRIAGE. Otherwise I haven’t seen anyone saying LIFE SUCKS due to his education, life sucks due his work majorly. LOVE & MARRIAGE are the only two situation in life, it may hurt you or may give you happiness.

Love leads to short temper and short temper leads to confusion and confusion leads to inhuman activities which in turn leads to pain. So although generations change, traditions change, technology is ruining us yet the ambiguity still continues finding true love & true partner for marriage.

But for everyone inconsistency in a relationship rules the future. You feel good, you feel good. You feel insecure, then you take risks. But honestly most of us like me misuse the opportunities in life which leads to failure in life.

Time is a tyrant which is running very fast. It’s getting harder and harder to live alone—but still the confusion lies.

When People Dont Say Photos Do

Photos are very important in life because it reminds us of the moments that might not be able to relive once again. Its so important for us to save them as our thoughts and frame of mind change with time and when we see them and get back to that zone it feels nostalgic or childish or whatever, and revives those dormant emotions in us.

Pictures connect us to those who came before and what life was before. They remind us good memories, memories which are are powerful. Memories tie us to people, places, and emotions.

Preserving these memories for the days when we may not remember, can’t remember.

Life is not without hard times, but I know that looking at pictures always helps me remember that there is goodness, even in the mundane tasks of everyday life.

Pictures can manifest emotions that words cannot. Photographs can do all of the things which people cannot.

When People Dont Say Photos Do!!

Its Me, Not him!

Our life is no fairy tale or an adventurous ride. We in just quarter of our life have seen the best and worst, darkest and the brightest side we had seen the pleasure and the pain, the joy and the sorrow.

I have loved her for 1 year and four months; it’s just that she doesn’t know about it.


She is a daughter of our corner bakery who used to sell cream buns. Well, without even she knowing that, I might have until then purchased perhaps a hundreds of them. The smell of her is more compiling than the smell of the chocolate cake. Her eye sight in just as powerful as a thunder strike. My heart resonates loudly when I see her. And definitely I thought there must be some past connection that she didn’t realize until now.

One day just after my school, while walking back home I had stopped by the bakery. I know something important is going to happen, my head was giving me some weird hints and making me dizzy. Was just about to open the door, my hands were shivering and my feet became cold.


Or well, it could also be the case, I didn’t eat anything since afternoon today. Or maybe because I haven’t slept in my dreams for more than the time I’ve seen her. Just like in the movies, the moment I saw her it started raining heavily. The sound rain drops hitting a window pane sounded like a nuclear bomb to be. Hoping to catch a glimpse of her, I starred inside the bakery. My hear to race like perhaps the fastest cheetah on the planet may be 10000 beats per minute. I could clearly hear the beat of my heart.


Those two minutes outside the bakery were my toughest- “not being able to see my love”


But wait, I could see a light which is shining inside the store- or may be it could be her smile. My heart shouted, It must be her; it has to be her. couldn’t wait for another minute, I just run down the lane unknowing what I was doing. That slightest drizzle looked like the  heaviest rain in the past 10 of my life.


I finally gathered some guts to walk down the door of the bakery. I could still hardly see her but my instinct still tell me, she is inside. Because of the moist I could hardly see anything inside. The rain is soaking me inside out but I had to do this today, otherwise she will never know.


And the door finally opens- it was like that horror movie scene, where the door slowly opens and the devil is behind the door—remember that sound and feeling? Same here, except this times, it’s the angel not the devil.

And its YES! Finally- it’s her! It’s her! It’s her. She gives me that underlying smile and says in her blissful  euphonious voice of hers. Remember I told you I was almost about to faint, her voice to me that moment was an aphrodisiac for me.


And she said “Sorry, we are closed” aahhh! Love struck—the closed gates of her bakery, opened the gates of my heart. And she left.


Oh wait, please!! Wait for words to come out of my mouth, but I was almost dumb like a mute person. I just smiled in return, hiding my pain, and walked away.


And just after crossing the steps of the pavement of the story, I couldn’t handle myself. For a mere second, I just wanted to run back in the direction of my love and shout that I didn’t come to eat anything, but I had come to just see you. I looked back, she is just walking away. The stupid umbrella is an enemy for me, all I could see is her hair clings around her neck. She just walks half way and oh wait!! What did I just see? She just jumps into a waiting car????


A man gets out, runs towards her, hugs & kisses her.


Oh wait, please! “Not HIM its ME who loved you all this while—not him, it’s me” shouted my heart with agony.


But I remain stuck to the spot with a burdening heart watch her drive away with her husband.